Sprayed in place pipe (SIPP) - Robotic Pipe Lining

SIPP is a new technology using robotic pipe lining system for installs impenetrable liners in In-Situ Pipes, which saves time and million of dollars in corrosion and replacement costs.

A robotic lining process for the rehabilitation of in place or “insitu” pipelines which meets or exceeds the pipes original design parameters.

SIPP repairs process services work using rotational grouting apparatus to robotically build new smooth pipe walls where the existing ones had been destroyed. Additionally, the technology is utilized as preventive fortification for new pipe installations.

State of the art robotic designs & functions coupled with pioneering liner formulations, result in the most versatile and environmentally friendly pipe lining process available.

Robotic Pipe Lining

SIPP Operation

The sprayed in place Pipe system functions with a computer-controlled robot traversing through the pipe at calculated formula based on speed, flow, thickness and diameter. The procedure uses various robotic sizes and configurations depending on pipe diameter—this means there are almost no project limitations determining where EA Services Inc. can operate.

Liner thickness is unlimited in just one pass as the result of precise flow to reciprocation & oscillation sequencing.

Large Diameter Robotics

Large Diameter Robotics

Small Diameter Robotics

Small Diameter Robotics

Computer Controlled Robotics

- Computer controlled system provides accurate and precise application.

- Forward/Reverse viewing cameras on robots allow operator real time viewing during all applications.

- As-built videos and documentation are provided with each application.

- Entire process is custom engineered and individually tailored to each projects design criteria.

SIPP Advantages

- Arrests deterioration from extremely aggressive effluents, microbiological/sulfur reducing bacteria, oxidation/reduction and erosion.

- Navigate multiple pipe convolutions

- Real time video of process

- Precision location capabilities for localized repairs, joint sleeves, etc

- Multiple pipe geometries and material compositions

- Horizontal through vertical piping systems

- More than 75 year design life

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Sprayed in place pipe repair solutions are revolutionizing pipe restoration from the ground up. With even-flow administered linings, unprecedented access to isolated areas, remote access and varying size and configurations, the reconstructive possibilities are endless with this innovative solution.

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